• Men, you no longer have to stink down there.
  • To smell better below the belt, shower thoroughly and dry off completely.
  • Apply Pleasant Pistol around your manhood, cover up and go!


Most men have had stinky balls a few times in their lives, and for some, it happens more often than not. Pleasant Pistol gives guys a weapon to fight the funk. 

Read more for a step-by-step guide on the best way to shower and apply Pleasant Pistol so that you stay fresher, longer. 


Shower Thoroughly.

Shower Every Day.

The bacteria on your body begin repopulating quickly, so it is necessary to eliminate bacteria on a daily basis. Start by choosing an antibacterial soap or body wash. Your family jewels are home to millions of odor-causing bacteria, due to the secretions produced by the apocrine glands in your groin, and an antibacterial soap will kill most of the bacteria housed there.

Wash Thoroughly.

Pay special attention to the underside of your shaft, your balls (and behind your balls), your pubic hair and your ass crack. The goal is to eliminate as many of the stench producing germs as possible, and a complete wash is the way to do so. Use a clean washcloth or body scrubber- clean is important here. You don’t want to use a rub yesterday’s dirt and dead skin cells onto areas that you are actively attempting to clean.

Cool Down.

When your body is hot, it produces sweat to cool itself down. Sweat, as we know, leads to bacteria that stinks. While a hot shower is generally preferred, it is also one of the quickest way to drastically increase your body temperature. Take a cooler shower or end your hot shower with a cool rinse. Not only will the colder water help your body temperature to drop quicker, leading to less sweaty balls, it will also wake you up in the morning, improve your blood circulation and detoxify the body.


Dry Competely.

Towel Off.

After your shower, dry off with a clean, completely dry towel. Thicker, heavier towels are usually more absorbent than thinner, lighter towels, but will take longer to dry when hanging in a steamy bathroom. Towels made of Egyptian or Pima cotton are very absorbent and feel great on the skin. Change your towel often to avoid the transfer of dirt and skin cells.

Dry Everywhere.

Make sure all parts of your body get thoroughly dry, especially between your legs. Bacteria thrive in dark, moist areas, so take an extra minute to make sure all moisture gets absorbed.

Blow Dry.

Plan your shower so that you have an extra 3-5 minutes to let your body cool down completely after your shower. If your temperature is raised, you will begin sweating sooner as you dress. If you don’t have time to cool down, or if you can’t get your balls completely dry with your towel, use a blow dryer. Never use the hot setting- it will simply heat up your body. Set the dryer on the coolest setting possible to cause any extra water to evaporate without warming you up.


Apply Pleasant Pistol

Use Your Weapon.

Apply a nickel size amount of your favorite scent oil into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together slightly and massage Pleasant Pistol between your legs, around your manhood, and onto your balls. Use more oil if you feel that you need more coverage, or desire a stronger scent. You can also rub Pleasant Pistol between the cheeks to spread the freshness.

Spread The Love.

Any excess oil can be rubbed onto your neck, chest, stomach and arms. Pleasant Pistol is made to keep your groin fresh, but can be used on your entire body.


Cover Up and Go

Choose The Right Underwear.

After all excess oil has been absorbed, put on a pair of clean underwear. Undergarments are particularly important in keeping you fresh. The less constricting the better. Boxers are optimal over boxer briefs, which are better than tighty whiteys (tight fitting underwear can actually lead to low sperm count). Thinner fabrics are best, with the ideal fabrics being micro modals and cottons.

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